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Tomas Malinauskas

Tomas Malinauskas


Tomas Malinauskas

Post Doctoral Scientist

I am a structural biologist in Prof. Christian Siebold's group at the University of Oxford, UK. I use biochemical (mammalian cell-based protein expression, chromatography, cellular assays), biophysical (X-ray crystallography, cryo-EM, SPR, MALS) and computational (AlphaFold, small molecule docking, evolutionary conservation analysis) tools to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of cell-to-cell communication. I aim to understand the way these mechanisms create and maintain living organisms.

If you need a structural perspective on your project, please email me. I am happy to help with anything from advice on protein constructs and expression to analysis of the target protein structure-function (e.g. the effect of mutations) to structural figures and movies for your papers.

Selected publications:

1. Robinson, R.A.*, Griffiths, S.C.*, van de Haar, L.L.*, Malinauskas, T.*, et al. Simultaneous binding of Guidance Cues NET1 and RGM blocks extracellular NEO1 signaling. Cell, 184, 1–18 (2021). *Equal contribution.

2. Malinauskas, T.**, et al. Repulsive Guidance Molecules lock Growth Differentiation Factor 5 in an inhibitory complex. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 117 (27), 15620–15631 (2020). **Co-corresponding author.

3. Zhao, Y.*, Malinauskas, T.*, et al. Structural insights into the inhibition of Wnt signaling by cancer antigen 5T4/Wnt-Activated Inhibitory Factor 1. Structure, 22 (4), 612–620 (2014). *Equal contribution.

4. Janssen, B.J.C.*, Malinauskas, T.*, et al. Neuropilins lock secreted semaphorins onto plexins in a ternary signalling complex. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol., 19 (12), 1293–1299 (2012). *Equal contribution.

5. Malinauskas, T., et al. Modular mechanism of Wnt signaling inhibition by Wnt inhibitory factor 1. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol., 18 (8), 886–893 (2011).

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