InstructStrubi is home to the Coordination Hub of Instruct, a European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructure (ESFRI) that provides access to high value technologies and expertise for European structural cell biology. Initially funded by the EU under the Framework 7 programme, Instruct is now supported wholly by national and institutional funds from ten member countries and is hosted by the UK with MRC support. Instruct is open to access proposals, has an actively funded training programme and also funds small R&D awards and internships. (Twitter: @instructhub).


Biostruct-XBiostruct-X is also an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative which is funded to 31/08/2015. Coordinated from EMBL-Hamburg, Biostruct-X provides access to X-ray facilities located at synchrotrons and the FEL in Hamburg. STRUBI is a partner providing protein sample production and crystallization platforms; Diamond Light Source is also a partner in Biostruct-X. Some technology development work is funded through Biostruct-X.


EMTRAINEMTRAIN is part of the European Medicines Initiative (IMI) and is jointly funded by the European Commission and EFPIA (European Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations). EMTRAIN has been set up to establish a sustainable pan-European platform for education and training; working towards common standards and transparency; helping to integrate the strengths and competencies of the ESFRI Biomedical Sciences projects, one of which is Instruct. EMTRAIN is jointly coordinated by the University of Vienna and AstraZeneca. EMTRAIN also hosts on-course, an on-line catalogue of CPD and other training courses available in Europe.


BioMedBridgesBioMedBridges is a joint effort of ten Biomedical Sciences Research infrastructures on the ESFRI roadmap, aiming to develop a shared e-infrastructure—the technical bridges—to allow interoperability between data and services in the biological, medical, translational and clinical domains and thus strengthen biomedical resources in Europe. Instruct is a partner of BioMedBridges which is coordinated by EMBL-EBI. BioMedBridges is one of the first ‘cross-cutting’ projects that seek to achieve common goals across the diversity of Biomedical Sciences Research Infrastructures.


Horizon2020 is the new funding programme of the European Commission, spanning 2013 through 2020.The first 2-year workprogramme is in preparation and the first calls for funding will be published in late December 2013 and early January 2014. Funding opportunities are tailored around addressing the three pillars of Scientific Excellence, Creation of Industry Leadership and Responses to Societal Challenges.


P-cubeP-cube, now completed, was one of several projects funded through the EU Framework 7 Integrated Infrastructure Initiative to enable access to specialist technologies for structural biology. P-cube was a pilot project that offered access to protein production and crystallization facilities to European researchers. The University of Oxford was a partner in P-cube and STRUBI, along with OPPF-UK offered largely automated mammalian and bacterial expression and crystallization technologies including several biophysical techniques for protein characterization. The access provision piloted by P-cube formed the basis for access through Instruct, which offers access to many more technologies.

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