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Assoc. Prof. Thomas Bowden awarded a SNCRF from MRC!

Assoc. Prof. Thomas Bowden has just been awarded a Senior Non-Clinical Research Fellowship from the Medical Research Council. His research focuses on understanding how viruses interact with cells and are targeted by the antibody immune response. We would like to warmly congratulate Thomas! Fantastic achievement - well done!

Dr Sergi Padilla-Parra and Dr Luis Alvarez won the Challenge Bio during MiFoBio 2018!

MiFoBio 2018 (Functional Microscopy in Biology) is the multidisciplinary CNRS school in life imaging in France – this year it was held from 5th to 12th October. For 8 days this is the biggest photonics lab in the world!

Strubi Students Poster Competition

Congratulation to the winners of Strubi Students Poster Competition! This year the 1st prize went to Yasunori Watanabe (on the picture), the 2nd prize went to Daming Zhou and the 3rd one to Elizabeth Allen.

Prof Yvonne Jones awarded FRS

Congratulations to Prof Yvonne Jones on being elected Fellow of the Royal Society.

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