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Professor Peijun Zhang
Structural biology of viruses and protein assemblies
thomas-bowden.pngProfessor Thomas A. Bowden
Cell entry and emerging viral pathogens
robert-gilbert.pngProfessor Robert Gilbert
Cell signalling, adhesion and pore formation in human disease
jonathan-grimes.pngProfessor Jonathan M Grimes
dsRNA viruses
kay-grunewald.pngProfessor Kay Grünewald
Structural cell biology of virus infection
juha-huiskonen.pngProfessor Juha T Huiskonen
Structures and host cell interactions of emerging viruses
e-yvonne-jones.pngProfessor E. Yvonne Jones FRS FMedSci
Cancer Research UK Receptor Structure Research Group
james-naismith.pngProfessor James H Naismith FRS FRSE FMedSci
ray-owens.pngProfessor Ray Owens
Oxford Protein Production Facility
sergi-padilla-parra.pngDr Sergi Padilla-Parra
Regulation of virus entry mechanisms, and core cellular imaging
christian-siebold.pngProfessor Christian Siebold
Morphogens and Cell Surface Receptor Signalling
david-stuart.pngProfessor David Stuart FRS
Viruses, Viral proteins and Cell surface receptors
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