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Christoph Hagen

Christoph Hagen

Christoph Hagen

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Post Doctoral Research Associate

I am senior post doc in the lab of Kay Grünewald. My hands-on expertise includes:

- soft X-ray cryo-microscopy/tomography (mostly performed at HZB TXM at the beamline U41 of the BESSYII synchrotron, Berlin; Gerd Schneider),

- electron cryo-microscopy/tomography of vitreous sections of high-pressure frozen samples (CEMOVIS; learned the details from Jacques Dubochet & Co. during their last CEMOVIS course in Lausanne 2006), and recently also of FIB lamellae of plunge frozen samples,

- (correlative) live- and vitreous cell imaging,

- and, as a co-worker, live-cell 3D-SIM.

I am currently involved in a project elucidating ultrastructural details of the egress of the Herpesviruses from their host cell.

But I am also happy to discuss something outlandish as the origin of non-photochemical chlorophyll fluorescence quenching or the biotechnological potential of secondary carotenoids in green algae.

For more information, see my scientific output and profile on

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