Professor Ray Owens

Automated construction and screening of protein expression in the OPPf
Automated imaging of protein crystallization experiments in the OPPF

The Oxford Protein Production Facility-UK (OPPF-UK) is a core facility for protein production at the Research Complex at Harwell. We have developed a range of highly specialized technologies incorporating robotic systems to enable the high throughput expression, purification and crystallization of recombinant proteins. In partnership with UK academic groups, this technology platform is being used to study a wide variety of proteins of biomedical interest. To see the OPPF-UK in action please follow the link:

The OPPF-UK is open to all UK academic groups and the use of our facilities is "free at the point of access" following approval of projects by independent reviewers. Access is largely delivered through working visits to the OPPF-UK by PhD students and PRDAs providing hands-on training and the opportunity of transferring methods to their own laboratories.

Technology development in the OPPF-UK is focused on streamlining the production of recombinant proteins, particularly membrane proteins and protein complexes. Research interests include structural enzymology and the use of protein-based ligands to disrupt protein: protein interactions.

Professor Ray Owens Professor Ray Owens


  • Professor of Molecular Biology
  • NDM Senior Research Fellow
  • Head of the Oxford Protein Production Facility-UK

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