Strubi Profile

Rainer Kaufmann

Post Doctoral Research Associate

I am working in a joint project between STRUBI and MICRON (Biochemistry) on correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM).

My main focus of interest lies on the development of super-resolution fluorescence cryo-microscopy, a field which has just been opened up (Chang et al., (2014) Nat. Methods; Kaufmann et al., (2014) Nano Lett.), and the correlation of this technique with electron cryo-microscopy. Imaging vitrified (fast frozen) samples allows studying fine structural details in their native state. This addresses a major shortcoming of conventional super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, which in most cases requires chemical fixation of the sample, associated with impaired structural preservation. Super-resolution fluorescence cryo-microscopy furthermore bridges the large resolution gap currently present in cryo-CLEM.