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HMEDit 20200318

Accessing Strubi and Rescomp

Things that you will need...

For accessing Strubi and rescomp, all you need is a linux terminal and internet access. 

Note that other resources, such as, helpfully, these webpages, a VPN connection is necessary, and details of how to set this up will not be covered here.

accessing a linux terminal...

Windows users...

The best approach is to install 'MobaX-term'. This is very simple to do. Simply install the home edition from this website:


Mac users...

You should be able to open a 'Terminal' through Utilities. Details of how to do this can be accessed here:


Linux users...

I suspect that you know what you are doing.


Logging into strubi and rescomp

 For Strubi, type the following into the command line, where <'> should be replaced with your Strubi username.


ssh -X <'>

THEN ssh into your personal strubi computer e.g. ssh -X <'> or any of the other machines e.g. coffee, tropicana, umbongo, tea, ... . Please only use coke@strubi as a 'tunnel' to access the other Strubi computers. Do not run any software or webbrowsers on the coke computer, since this is the only portal machine onto the network for security reasons.

Alternatively, you can access belmont from here e.g. ssh -X <"> . Note that, in the case of the latter, you will need to use your rescomp credentials.

This should prompt you for your password and may ask if you are prepared to add the ssh key (if it does, just type yes and hit return).


To access rescomp, instead type one of the following, where <'> should be replaced with your Rescomp username.

ssh -X <">


ssh -X <">

This should once again prompt you for a password, and, this time you should use your rescomp one.

useful links/Tips

Passkeys to avoid having to type in a password each time to rescomp:

Coming up with aliases is a great way to speedily navigate to regularly used directories, or to avoid having to keep typing the full ssh -X command.

Useful terminal commands...I will try and make a list at some point for these webpages. Current favourites are:


# Clears a terminal page.


# If you then start typing a command that you have used recently e.g. module load, this should autocomplete with the last command that you used involving the initial key words.

Navigate to the rescomp pages within StrubiEM for more info on dealing with the queue system.


As with all of these pages, please do Slack message or email me at if you want some help, or there is a problem and/or error in the content above. Please put StrubiEM as the subject each time so that I can keep track. Do not feel bad about multiple reminders if I am useless at replying, but I will endeavour to do so.