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Seminar from Prof Enrico Gratton "Mechanisms of molecular transport in live cells"

WTCHG, Meeting Rooms A & B 12th Dec 2016 at 3:00pm

Prof Enrico Gratton is from Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics, department of Biomedical Engineering University of California Irvine. More information here

The coordination of cell functions requires that molecules move in the cell interior to find their partners. In the cell, the mechanisms for molecular motion are poorly understood. While in an isotropic fluid diffusion is the default mechanism of motion, in the cell interior diffusion is hindered by barriers and by transient binding. Also molecules can move by active transport. One universal transport processes which is still debated is the shuttling of molecules between the cell membrane and other locations where the molecules will deliver a signal. Although we have made important progresses in understanding direct motion, less is understood in regard to paths for diffusion and in general the connectivity of the cell interior. In this talk I will discuss the development of tools that could help us in measuring the path that molecules follow in the cell to reach their target.